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Cute(?) stuff 2

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Undertale cute Cute junk gear things goods being kit tackle matter meat heart bottom soul pith marrow staple outside cloth material textile wedge shove stow pack pad cram squeeze fill satiate ram force congest glut wad compress crowd gobble guzzle jam sate gorge push choke up jam-pack overfill clog up use diet fast accoutrement appliance black box contraption device dingbat doodad doohickey furnishings gaff gimcrack gimmick gizmo grabber habiliments idiot box implement jigger job machine machinery means mechanism outfit paraphernalia provisions setup stuff supplies thingamajig tools utensils whatchamacallit whatsis whosis widget ability capability capacity cleverness competence faculty flair gift giftedness intelligence knack proficiency savvy smarts talent what it takes ace in the hole ace up sleeve backing bankroll budget capital credit equity estate funds holdings kitty mattress nest egg nut possessions rainy day reserve resources riches sock something put aside something put away stake stash valuables wealth assurance audaciousness brass cheek chutzpah cockiness crust defiance disrespectfulness effrontery forwardness gall guts gutsiness hardiness impertinence impudence insolence moxie nerve rudeness shamelessness spunk temerity ascendancy authorization beef charge clout command domination dominion edge esteem government influence juice jump jurisdiction leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizzazz pow powerhouse prerogative prestige punch right ropes rule say say-so steam strength strong arm supremacy sway upper hand warrant weight whip hand word zap accouterments appurtenances assets chattels effects personal property property apparatus aptitude asset(s) audacity authority belongings nail scrog bang undertale Undertale

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